Friday, December 24, 2010

Effing Morons!

Today's NYTimes has letters from a bunch of Obamabots mooning over the President's courage (!) and how much the lame duck Congress accomplished because of same.  Look, dammit! the Republicans wanted two things --Christmas gifts for the Plutocrats -- and they got them both: i) extension of the Bush era tax cuts for millionaires, and ii) the  payroll tax holiday, which is a knife pointed at the heart of Social Security.

All of the rest of the stuff is window-dressing.  Sure I'm for extended unemployment benefits, sure I'm for the repeal of DADT, sure I'm for the SALT treaty -- but not at the cost of bankrupting the country and dismantling the landmark social programs of the New Deal.  You say the Republicans had the President over a barrel on unemployment?  Don't buy that for a minute.  If he had taken to the road and barnstormed the issue, they would have caved.

Oh, and then I'm an alarmist about Social Security you say?  then good luck getting the new Congress to re-institute the payroll tax at its original level.  I'll return to that point in a subsequent post; but right now I'm still spitting mad about the whole thing.

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