Saturday, January 22, 2011

Credit Where Due -- Or 'Even a Blind Pig Finds an Acorn Sometimes.'

Readers of this sheet must know how strongly I disapprove of the current administration in Washington, which has, in my view, governed so as to ruin the Democratic Brand (or what was left of it.)  I have on occasion gone so far as to entertain the notion that President Obama is in fact a Republican mole, on Karl Rove's secret payroll.  That may sound extreme to some, but I believe the record supports my assertion,

All that said however, let us now praise famous men.  The President's speech at the Tucson Shooting Memorial was reasonably well done -- and the criticism levelled at him (by a panoply of media bigwigs) was justly and hilariously skewered by John Stewart -- a video of whose performance may be viewed here.

This clip provides a cogent summary of the Memorial, as well as a sharply observed response to commentary on same by the media elite.

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