Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strange Interludes, Groucho Marx, and the Second Amendment

The prize for the worst play by an American author undoubtedly goes to Eugene O'Neill's 'Strange Interlude', in which the characters, inspired by Freudian psychology, periodically interrupt the action and dialog, to step to center stage speak their inmost thoughts directly to the audience.  It was assigned to me in a college class and I couldn't read it -- it was too wretched to be borne.

It did however, inspire some amusing parodies, notably by Grouch Marx, in "The Cocoanuts" where he closes one of his interludes with "Ahh...this would be a bettah woild fuh children if da parents hadda eat da Spinach!"

Anyhow, my thought for the day is, "This would be a better country to live in, if the Fourth Amendment were as jealously guarded as is the Second."

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